„beauty to die for“ was conceived by Ditte Schupp as a theater installation covering 12 stages where elements from the different arts – sculpture, theatre, and music – are interwoven or cross-reference each other

Furthermore, video projections serve to add another dimension. These are particularly significant for guest performances abroad since the play‘s text passages are subtitled in english.

Although the term „theater installation“ might evoke a static picture, Lilith/Ditte Schupp and her project travels lightly. Apart from a couch chair, a TV set and a red vertical cloth, she does not need a stage set. Instead, she plays with and within the space she is given and also with the few objects in it – such as sculptures that literally do not know any fear of contact. This is not the only detail that makes this project unique.

Lilith, the heroine of „to die for“ is a traveling explorer. She is searching for herself and in the process meets….death.

Layer by layer, much like a shedding process, an unveiling occurs – a theme running through the whole piece. It is a dismantling process followed by a reassembly of parts a new way.

The project premiered in April 2007 at the whiteBox Munich and ran 12 times. In parallel, an exhibition carrying the same name with the three participating visual artists Sybille Loew, Bernhard Bland and Sven Kalb was on display during the daytime.

In October 2007, the project staged a guest performance at the Kunsthaus Tacheles in Berlin. This time, Ditte Schupp played with and among sculptures and paintings by Karin Lakar.