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more about theaterinstallation by Michael Wüst

What does theater installation mean? We chose this somewhat nebulous and spacious term because it was well-suited to the theater concept we pursued when we founded the Kunstverein whiteBOX e.V.The general idea fueling our whiteBOX approach was that the visual arts represent the mother of our events. This is why the visual arts have a different significance than is the case for traditional court theater formats such as opera and stage theater. This is not to say that the more classical stage sets are not works of art. Yet we assumed that our approach of subsuming art forms – namely theater, dance and concert – to the character of a performance hall would lead to different results. In her work, Ditte Schupp has subscribed to this concept in an elaborate way. Three visual artists – Sybille Loew, Bernhard Blank and Sven Kalb – interpret, comment and supplement Ditte Schupp’s theater solo on the lower floor of the whiteBOX. Within the exhibition, she thus reflects on the second most popular topic of humankind – according to Google – death. Another companion on Liliths impudent tightrope walk along the Styx is Cornelia Kleyboldt with her many and varied flutes. The flute – which does not belong to the Apollonian instruments of government and other superego structures but rather to the Dionysian, fits well into the area of the erotic, shady, obscene – and thus also into the sphere of death?