12 Stationen

a brief description

The 12 images are inner stages of an exploratory voyage. The heroine Lilith aims to fathom the depths of her spirit. She wants to investigate the secret of living and dying. The outer manifestations of inner processes use various symbols or terms, such as:

„Cherry blossom“ corresponds to the lotus flower in the Asian cultural context.

„Mirror image“ represents the perception of the world as a mirror

The „lost face“ refers to the search for the real nature of things.

The play touches on the experience of „emptiness“ and was inspired by Mahayana Buddhism.

The 12 stages are not presented separately over the course of the play but can be recognized by the titles listed below:

1. cocoon / birth

2. no-man's land

3. name

4. comfort

5. armor

6. language, war or beginnings

7. mirror image

8. transformation

9. cherry blossoms

10. awakening

11. thread

12. beauty to die for